Barbarians of Lemuria Free Version 1

There was a version of BoL preceding the ones below that had no magic or alchemy system at all. Otherwise it was pretty much the same as v2, below. If anyone still has a PDF of this version please contact me, so I can make it available here for completeness.

Barbarians of Lemuria Free Version 2 (download PDF)

This version, which was basically Lin Carter's Thongor of Lemuria the RPG, published in 2002 had the basics of the magic system proposed by Mike Hill but no alchemy system. It was pretty much the original game I drafted and ran for my gaming group in around 1990.

Barbarians of Lemuria Free Version (download PDF)

This version included  a much extended version of Mike Hill's evocative magic system and a few other tweaks, like some layout changes and more artwork. It was still based in Lin Carter's version of Lemuria.

Barbarians of Lemuria (Jerry D Grayson Cover)  (download PDF)

This version was initially only available in A4 size and then it was changed to the Legendary format of "Crown Quarto". There was a hardcover version too, in US Letter size. There were probably around 100 copies sold in various paper sizes with this cover before the cover was changed to the John Grumph Legendary Edition version.

Barbarians of Lemuria (Gill Pearce Cover)

The interior is exactly the same as the Jerry D Grayson cover version  and was available in both hardcover (US Letter) and softcover (Crown Quarto). Fewer than 20 in total of both versions were sold before the cover was changed to the John Grumph Legendary Edition version, so if you have a copy, you probably have the rarest edition of BoL there is.  Gill Pearce  also created the Map of Lemuria for this edition, which remained in the Legendary Edition.