Everywhen -  Everywhen is a standalone game of 2d6 pulp action that builds on Barbarians of Lemuria roleplaying system to provide expanded rules for vehicles, chases, investigations, social conflicts, psionics and mass battles suitable for campaigns in any era or background. Everywhen also includes two example mini settings – a fantasy world of swords and sorcery against demonic incursions, and cellphones and tasers versus werewolves and vampires in the dark streets of modern Britain.

Heroes of Hellas - Swords & Sandals-style roleplaying in Mythic Greece

The Heroic Age is a time of Heroes and Kings, of ancient science and dark magic. Once again mortals have gained a foothold in the wilderness. City strongholds are refuges of civilization, and the seat of power for grasping kings. They rule through brutality and bloodshed. Evil sorcerers conjure dark powers to bend the will of man and beast. Alchemists manipulate the elements to create amazing machines, deadly weapons and twisted monsters. Implacable horrors stalk the wilderness and the depths of the seas. Barbarians plot to ransack cities. A few mortals have risen above the rabble to achieve feats beyond mortality. Once again the Gods have taken notice of humans. Some receive favor from the Gods, through reckless devotion. Others are punished for their hubris. Even fewer become immortal heroes that challenge the Gods… 

Honor & Intrigue - Swashbuckling adventures

Honor + Intrigue is a new, standalone game from Basic Action Games. Inspired as much by Hollywood as by history, Honor + Intrigue pays homage to the swashbucklers of the silver screen as well as great works such as those of Dumas and Sabatini. Game Masters should feel free to use history as a source of inspiration, not a restriction. True to its inspiration, Honor + Intrigue plays fast and cinematic, leaving the focus on drama and action unfolding

Dicey Tales - Pulp adventures in the 1930's and 1940's

Issue #1 of Dicey Tales launches our two-part foray into the classic adventure pulps. With this issue of Dicey Tales the world of daredevils, soldiers of fortune, occult investigators and cloaked crime-fighters will now be fully incorporated into the BoL system. New "Adventure Pulp" Character generation rules, New Careers, New Boons, New Flaws
New rules for Magic, Psychic Powers, Super Science Gadgets, firearms and vehicles, Two complete adventures

Barbarians of The Aftermath - Post apocalyptic roleplaying

Barbarians of the Aftermath is a setting expansion for the Barbarians of Lemuria RPG, although fans of Post-Apocalyptic fiction will find a good deal that is useful for other systems as well. With this book you can create any Post-Apocalyptic setting you can imagine; a realistic near future aftermath, a setting filled with all manner of science fantasy weirdness or anything in between, upside down or sideways. From Alien Invasion to Zombie Apocalypse, BotA will provide you with an A-Z of rules designed to help you simulate any future fantasy environment.

Dogs of W*A*R -  "A Real Man's Role Playing Game"

Using the rules first seen in the fantastic Barbarians of Lemuria, this great new role playing game gives you the covert adventure and gung-ho thrills of men's action adventure novels of the 70's and 80's. Dogs of W*A*R allows you to create an experienced character ready to play in minutes and straightforward rules that don't get in the way of role playing. DOGS OF W*A*R - All action...all danger...all guts!

Dogs of W*A*R (Everywhen) - They’re fighting a dirty war! The world’s newest and most secret strike force – the Worldwide Armed Response Unit, and its elite operatives, the Dogs – operate beyond the reach of politics and red tape. Their objective: swift retribution against terrorist groups, drug barons, crime lords and other dregs of society.

Formed by an elite consortium of international government officials and independent backers, the Dogs of W*A*R go where the law can't – or the governments won’t – to settle scores for acts of crime and terror directed against innocent people anywhere in the world.

This is a conversion of the original '80s action RPG Dogs of W*A*R for the Everywhen system

Legends of Steel - Barbarians of Lemuria Edition - sword & sorcery roleplaying in the lands of Erisa

Now you will be able to adventure in the Sword & Sorcery world of Erisa with heroes created using the highly acclaimed and innovative engine from The Barbarians of Lemuria RPG. The Legends of Steel campaign setting together with the Barbarians of Lemuria rules engine, promises to be the quintessential "rules light" Sword & Sorcery RPG package. 

Swords of Almuric - Sword & Planet Adventures

...a savage world where barbaric ape men are locked in eternal battle with winged marauders...
...a primeval world where titanic beasts roam plains and hills and implacable predators stalk the forests of the night...
...a mysterious world where alien ruins raised by races lost  in the depths of time loom against an unforgiving sky...
...a desperate world where man pits muscle and wits against a hostile planet and where the only reward for success is your own survival...
...an ancient world of hoary secrets waiting in shadowy patience for those who dare unearth them ...
...only fools and desperate men take the step across that cosmic portal from which none has returned...will you?

Unpublished Titles

League of Heroes - Superheroic roleplaying

Barbarians of The Void - Science fiction roleplaying

Barbarians of Heavy Metal - Rock & Roll Warriors in a post-apocalyptic 31st century universe